Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day

I've always enjoyed putting together classmate gifts for Valentine's Day and Christmas, but with the age of Pinterest, the bar has been risen. And boy are there some great ideas!

I don't really think my pink construction paper covered shoe box with cut out red hearts would do nowadays. I'm sure it was a hot mess then, but I thought it was great. I especially remember my 3rd grade Valentine's Day Party. Probably because my teacher was Sr. Helen and she was so sweet and young and cool. She let us go to each person's desk and put our valentines in their homemade box. I guess all of our teachers let us do that (maybe not Sr. Edna) but Sr. Helen was a standout for sure.

I always want to do something girly for my daughters to take to their classmates. Sadly for the boys...they probably get a little more pink from the Richardsons than they care for. I always try to be creative, but everything usually entails pink and glitter.

This year I perused Pinterest to get inspired and I had a hard time picking what I was going to do. I wanted their valentines to be something that they would want to say to their classmates.

Julia has short hair and she wears a bow or flower clip everyday which has become her signature look. As a matter of fact, when she draws a self portrait she draws a bow in her hair. She is always getting compliments on her hair clips and many of the moms ask me where I get them.

Because they are always asking, I thought I would make each girl in her class their own bow. I had to figure out a way of turning a hair bow into a valentine. With a little Microsoft Word and plenty of pink, I made the actual valentine.

Then I made a variety of hair bows to attach to each card. I'm a bit of a ribbon junkie, so I already had plenty of ribbon and materials on hand.

So what about the boys? Kroger had Kool Aid bottles on sale and the colors were just right (because that is what is important) so I picked up enough for the 1st grade boys and all of Mikayla's 5th grade class. I added a little tag and some Dollar Tree ribbon and they look great!

We'll see what their classmates think later today. Both my girls have advised me that although they like the valentines, I was supposed to pass out candy.

Ok...I don't think they really get Pinterest yet. Oh they will, they will...

Happy Valentines Day!