Sunday, May 5, 2013

Burlap Wreath

I love to switch my front door decor for each holiday. It works out great beginning with Halloween because I can jump from one holiday to the next with different decor until Easter. Then what? I always have trouble figuring out what to hang on my front door for the rest of spring, all of summer and the beginning of fall. Last year was fun, I covered a very large paper mache "R" with moss and tied a burlap bow on the top. I loved it, but this year I wanted to do something different yet similar. I, along with all of Pinterest am obsessed with burlap right now.  So I wanted to make my wreath like some of those that I have seen on Pinterest.

I started with 3 yards of burlap that I cut into strips, a 1/2 yard of a darker burlap for the bow, a wire wreath and a wooden letter all from JoAnn Fabrics (40% off coupon and a bonus 15% off my entire purchase). I also bought a bag of Reindeer Moss from the Dollar Tree.

First, I threaded the strips of burlap into the wire wreath until the entire wreath was covered. Then, I fluffed the fabric and cut all loose strings.

Here is a pic of my supplies and the beginning of the wreath.

Getting closer....
I had just enough fabric!
On to covering the letter. Last year when I covered my giant "R" in moss I spray painted it green first, so that you couldn't see any bare spots in the letter.
Yeah... that was a good idea.
This year, I thought I would take a shortcut and skip the paint. Umm, that was NOT a good idea. It only ended up in me having to put more moss on the letter to cover the bare spots. Which took more time.
Once I completely covered the "R" I sprayed it with some 80's style Aqua Net to help keep everything in place. You remember girls... the giant white can with the pink argyle pattern. The can we used to keep in our giant purses? Oh we will never forget!  
After it dried, I hot glued a string of fishing wire to the backside. Then tied it to the top of the wire wreath to make the letter appear as if it is floating in the center of the wreath.
As you can see in the pic, the bottom was a little fluffier than the top, so I fluffed some more.
Now the bow. I cut the darker burlap into strips and made a basic bow.

I attached the bow with wire at the bottom of the wreath and hung it on the door.
Love it! I can definitely live with this on my door until fall.
Unless something else catches my eye and I have to change it up.
There... there it is... my disclaimer for changing my mind.
Happy Spring!
(Finally spring-like weather in Michigan anyway)

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